Social Marketing – 10 Tips for Managing a Great Campaign

Nearly everyone it seems has a profile on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms these days – and this trend hasn’t gone unnoticed by businesses.In fact, social networking sites now play a massive part in many brands’ marketing campaigns, as they offer a great way to drive engagement and boost sales.But simply having an account on social media isn’t enough to deliver results, as you have to use this platform effectively.
For instance, many people expect an instant response to any posts they make on a company’s Facebook or Twitter page, so are you monitoring it regularly to ensure you are able to react promptly?Add to that the fact that people’s web usage isn’t limited to computers anymore. Are you sharing and promoting content that can be easily viewed and enjoyed by those who are using their smartphones and tablets to get online?This means you need to have enough resource in place to devote to your social media campaign, as just nine in ten marketers employ someone on a full-time basis to manage this channel.And of course, brands need to remember some of the basics of marketing if they want to get results, such as making sure they have a clear and consistent message.

Organisations must understand their target audience and know what is most likely to inform, entertain and inspire these people – and tailor every status update, image and video with this in mind.

But remember, plenty of your competitors will also be using social media to engage with the same audience, so it’s essential that your content is both original and relevant.

In addition, bear in mind that about 350 million images are uploaded to Facebook alone every single day, so any images need to be eye-catching and memorable.

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