Strapped for cash? Six ways to make your PPC Marketing Budget go further

Pay-per-click (PPC) can be a hugely cost-effective way to promote your brand. But as with any other form of marketing, it only really delivers the best results if it is done well. However, there are a few things you can do to ensure your money is going towards those areas where you have a good chance of achieving a strong conversion rate.Improving your quality score is one simple way to get more clicks at a lower price. This means you need to audit your account structure and make sure that ad groups only contain tightly related keywords. These, in turn, need to be highly relevant to your ad copy and landing page.
Another good idea is to pay attention to exactly when your clicks are happening. What time of the day or week are you getting the best conversion rates? You’ll find there are sharp variations at different times, so by setting automatic bids that account for these, you can fine-tune your spending to maximise conversions.Next, why not tap into the mobile market? More and more of us are going online via smartphones and tablets, yet PPC conversion rates on the mobile channel remain pretty poor. So why not look at your conversion rates by device? You can apply a negative bid adjustment, or work to make your landing page more mobile-friendly. Plus why not make it easier for customers to call you on their mobiles by adding a call extension button to your ad? It means they can get in touch straight away with no effort at all.There are many other steps you can take to get better results from your PPC campaign. For more ideas, download the latest infographic from promotional products retailer 4imprint – Strapped for cash? Six ways to make your PPC marketing budget go further – which offers plenty of useful stats, tips and inspiration.