The five do’s and don’ts of an email campaign

Email marketing is more popular than ever and with open rates on promotional mail-shots hitting 22.9% in 2014, this effective technique looks set to remain a favourite throughout 2015 and 2016.But many email marketing campaigns are run poorly and commit basic errors that harm results and prevent sales. So what can you do to get the best out of your campaign?
For a start, send a welcome message to anyone who adds themselves to your mailing list. Did you know that open rates for these are nearly two-thirds higher than for other emails, so you have a great chance here to get a customer relationship off to a very strong start. Another useful tip is to segment your audience and tailor your emails accordingly to each group. It’s far more effective than simply sending the same email to everybody, regardless of their demographic group, circumstances and previous engagement with your brand.Email marketers should also be mindful of falling foul of spam filters. Just a few ill-chosen words and writing techniques, such as saying “Please Read” and using too many capital letters can lead to a message going straight into a person’s junk folder.Timing your messages right can be vitally important too if emails are to deliver the desired results. Send your emails at regular intervals so customers know what to expect and they never go too long without hearing from you. If you’re worried you might be sending messages too often, give customers the option of selecting how frequently they want to receive them.There are many other steps you can take to get better results from your email marketing campaigns. For more ideas, download the latest infographic from promotional products retailer 4imprint – The five do’s and don’ts of an email campaign – which offers stats and plenty of tips and inspiration.