(OSHKOSH, Wis.)-Who is your ideal customer? Are you using the right signals to attract them? Or, do your existing services or experiences send the wrong message?

These questions are the topic of a new Blue PaperSM (4imprint’s version of a white paper) titled Staking Your Claim and Choosing Your Customers. It is available at no charge from the promotional products distributor’s Web site at www.4imprint.com/bluepaper.

“This is one of those difficult but important questions that organizations sometimes wrestle with,” said Greg Ebel, vice president sales & marketing, 4imprint. “We’ve pulled together some tools that can help as you start this conversation.”

The paper describes four helpful tools for examining your customer base:

  • Customer filters-Identifying the traits of an ideal customer and qualifying prospects with a ranking scale helps your sales team decide which clients are a good fit for your organization.
  • Buyer personas-Bring your customers into the board room by using data to develop buyer profiles for actual or prospective customers. Keeping this persona in mind aids decision-making.
  • Brand maps-Plotting your market position against that of your competitors helps you focus your marketing and sales efforts on the customers you are best positioned to reach.
  • Strategic customer management-Using your sales data and this bottom-up approach, you can identify which clients are most profitable and what you can do to expand your services to them.

The Blue PaperSM also includes examples of companies that have focused on attracting their ideal customers.

“We’ve included these stories so readers can see how these ideas can be applied,” Ebel said. “It’s another way to look at these concepts.”

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