Cash is not the key factor for Brits when it comes to finding the perfect job, a new study by 4imprintUK has revealed.

(Manchester, UK) – Flexible hours, a decent bonus scheme and perks like free fresh fruit in the office are among the elements of the ideal career, according to new research.

Researchers delved into the dreams and aspirations of the British workforce and found a job that offered a final salary pension, was 6 miles from home and had free parking would be close to perfect.

But money is not a key driving force for the nation with a MASSIVE 83 percent of people rejecting the idea that it was the most important factor in what job to choose.  And asked to choose the fair salary for their work, the nation chose a sum of £39,000 a year.

Top of the job wishlist was a good work/life balance (41 percent), followed by flexible hours (39 percent) and a bonus scheme (31 percent).

A short commute (30 percent), final salary pension (29 percent) and a reward scheme for long service (28 percent) also featured highly.

The study, commissioned by 4imprint Direct Ltd, also discovered that on average, people believe that it will take at least six jobs before they find the one that is right for them.

Green matters play heavily into the perfect job as four out of five people say that working for an environmentally friendly company is important to them.

“This survey shows how much companies can do to make their staff feel good and demonstrates that competitive pay is only one factor,” said a spokesperson from 4imprint.

Most people want to have a rewarding career – with 60 percent of the 1,500 respondents saying that they need to be proud of their job.

A massive 81 percent of people said they’d like a job for life, although the average person stays in the same job for roughly seven years.

Overall many people are more than satisfied with their work, with 51 percent saying they’re working in the ideal job already and only 15 percent saying they are ambitious for more.

However, a quarter (26 percent) feel their company could make more of an effort to treat them better. A third of people (33 percent) say they work to live not live to work and only 8 percent of people say their career is the most important thing in their life.

When it comes to the workplace, it seems women are more sociable than men – ‘getting on well with colleagues’ was important to a third of women (33 percent) but only 20 percent of men.

Young people were much more optimistic about the chances of finding the perfect job, with 74 percent of 16 to 29-year-olds believing the perfect job exists, as compared to 45 percent of over 45-year-olds.

And they’re idealistic too, with 98 percent of them saying they need to be proud of what they’re doing.

Contrary to some media reports, young people aren’t scared of hard work. Nearly two thirds of 16-to-29-year olds (65 percent) say that they didn’t care about a work-life balance, so long as they got the job done.

Top 20 factors in the dream job

1. A good work/life balance 41%
2. Flexible hours 39%
3. Nice bosses 34%
4. A four-day week 31%
5. A bonus scheme 31%
6. A short commute 30%
7. Final salary pension 29%
8. Work you are proud of 29%
9. Reward scheme for long service 28%
10. Friendly and supportive colleagues 28%
11. Being able to work from home 25%
12. Free parking 23%
13. Clean toilets 20%
14. A clear promotion route 20%
15. Work that challenges you 20%
16. Free gym membership 18%
17. Makes a positive impact on the world 17%
18. A nice coffee machine 15%
19. Adequate training 14%
20. Fresh fruit in the office 13%