The British Olympic Association has hailed the importance of brand storytelling to generating interest in upcoming events.

According to Leah Davis, Head of Marketing for Team GB, it has to galvanise the nation and whip up support for British athletes every two years.

However, she conceded that remaining relevant to people in between major competitions is an “ongoing challenge.”

This, she said, is why storytelling “sits at the heart of our marketing strategy” as conveying a brand narrative throughout the year helps ensure its audience remain consistently engaged.

“Our brand storytelling takes fans closer to the action, delivering into the heart of our brand essence,” Ms Davis commented.

“Never forget the importance of good old-fashioned brand positioning. Know who you are and excel in your core brand offering.”

Ms Davis said the core of Team GB’s brand narrative is “everyday people achieving extraordinary things.”

This, she stated, makes British athletes both admired and relatable to the masses, with fans feeling an affinity to competitors and wanting to get to know them “on a deeper level.”

Ms Davis noted that the modern sports fan is increasingly looking for more tailored content and doing so on a regular basis.

As a result, Team GB is working closely with its partners to make sure it is staying at the “forefront of fan engagement trends.”

“‘Being where the fan is’ is a good sense check for us to ensure that we are giving the fans what they want, where they want it and in the format they like,” Ms Davis stated.

“There is an increasing interest in delivering content outside the direct live competition window, which is aiding our ambitions to become an always-on sports brand.”

“Ms Davis noted that social media in particular has “revolutionised” how it has approached fan engagement.

She said this is because social platforms are ideal for giving fans bite-sized chunks of sports content and profiling emerging athletes.

As a result, Team GB can “build a narrative” before the next Olympics arrive, as well as satisfy the demand for relevant content among sports fans.

“Knowledge is power in any industry, and the power of fans continues to grow,” Ms Davis observed.

She went on to state that the athletes themselves are the “backbone” of the Team GB brand and are “the best ambassadors we could have”.

“Great brands are built on great products and Team GB is no exception to that,” Ms Davis added.

Team GB head of marketing: Storytelling sits at the heart of our strategy CampaignLive