Brands that want to win over a target audience could benefit from getting a popular online influencer on board.

According to Philip Brown, internet personalities such as leading vloggers come with a “level of influence that brands simply don’t have.”

Speaking to the Telegraph, he said this means their audience is “more engaged and responsive to them – more so than content pushed out by a brand on the web or TV.”

As a result, getting one of these leading influencers to endorse a brand could be hugely beneficial to it.

However, Mr Brown has insisted that in this situation, brands must not assume they know best and must instead let influencers play to their proven strengths.

“Let the influencer help determine what the content could and should look like,” he said. “Work together and focus on reaching that audience.”

Mr Brown also stated that instead of pushing out very specific content that is created to a very specific client brief, marketers working with influencers should be focusing their efforts on what is relevant to the influencer’s audience.

“Those are the people that we’re trying to reach,” he commented.

Misha Talavera, Co-Founder of influencer marketing platform NeoReach, added that the media consumption habits of consumers are changing a great deal, as many are moving away from TV and towards digital, in particular social media.

As a result, social media influencers have become “the new tastemakers of this generation.”

Mr Talavera therefore argued that picking the right influencer to represent a brand is critically important.

Indeed, he said it is vital they pick somebody with the right audience demographics, personal brand and social engagement if a campaign is to be successful.

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