Marketers have been urged to go beyond data and focus more strongly on psychology in order to get results.

According to Digital Marketing Strategist Chris Lee, an understanding of people and what makes them tick is essential in marketing.

However, he pointed out that trust in brands is at a premium at the moment, while ad blocking is on the rise.

As a result, Mr Lee believes understanding psychology has “never been more important in marketing.”

Writing in City A.M., he said: “It’s time to get emotional. Understanding where your audience is, with whom they follow and interact with online, and what they’re talking about is the easy part. That’s the data. “

“The intelligence comes when brands use the same language and aim to reflect the audience they are trying to appeal to.”

Mr Lee cited the words of American psychologist and academic Robert Plutchik, who said there are eight core human emotions: anger, fear, trust, joy, anticipation, surprise, disgust and sadness.

“If marketers can trigger one or more of these emotions in their audience then they will respond,” Mr Lee argued.

“The one thing you don’t want audiences to feel is ambivalence. Ambivalence is the enemy of marketing.”

Mr Lee went on to stress that marketers cannot use a one-size-fits-all approach to reach their target audience, as they need a more detailed understanding and tailor their content and messaging accordingly.

This, he stated, should not only grab their attention, but also persuade them to take an action.

Mr Lee added that while data is very useful to marketers, it is only when they fully understand their audience’s emotions that they can become “truly persuasive.”

Psychology in marketing: It’s time to get emotional City A.M.