Any marketing campaign should be based around “the big idea for your brand” an expert has argued.

According to Paul Troy, Chief Marketing officer at, his organisation’s “Driver wins” campaign with James Corden is a good example of a campaign that shows what the brand is about.

This, he said, is because the “Driver wins” concept is not just a marketing slogan, but something that underpins what the company tries to do on a wider scale.

“It’s a big brand idea and not just for communications,” Mr Troy commented.

“We need to better understand drivers and create wins for them. This has led to creating a whole new product set that goes beyond car insurance, with car finance and savings tools.”

Mr Troy also pointed out that many marketers seek to execute bigger and better campaigns than before.

However, he said the priority must be getting the direction clear first and then executing it “brilliantly.”

The “Driver wins” campaign was again cited as an example, as he set out a “driver-centric strategy and then aligned the business to deliver it.”

Furthermore, he said the marketing drive has been executed across every customer touchpoint.

“We’re winning with drivers and have delivered the highest growth in motor-related products,” Mr Troy stated.

He went on to state that the most successful businesses are those which are able to be flexible and remain consumer-focused as change accelerates.

“Reinvention like Madonna or Lady Gaga will be key to your success in an ever-changing world,” Mr Troy added. chief marketer: Be flexible and stay customer-focused Campaign