Back in June 2020, I wrote a Blog post about a new addition to the Americano Travel Mug family – the Americano Pure Antimicrobial Travel Mug.

Thanks to the addition of an antimicrobial agent in the manufacturing process, these all-white, double-walled travel mugs provide antimicrobial protection for the user.

This month we are delighted to add 2 water bottles to our antimicrobial range. Manufactured in the same way, they too provide protection to help keep the bottle surface clean and help reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

Base Pure Antimicrobial Sports Bottle – 650ml clear bottle with a white flip lid

Baseline Pure Antimicrobial Water Bottle – 500ml white bottle and a white push/pull lid

This kind of promotional merchandise is perfect for educational and health settings, and, it goes without saying they’re ideal for any industry or sector that wants to add ‘another preventative tool’ to its staff well-being and germ protection measures.

Like the Americano Pure, both these promotional water bottles offer large wrap-around print areas for a logo as well as any brand or health message, plus we can add the Biomaster logo* too!

Branded flip top clear sports bottle          Branded disposable coffee cup         Branded squeeze sports bottle

Left to right

Base Pure Antimicrobial Sports Bottle
Americano Pure Antimicrobial Travel Mug
Baseline Pure Antimicrobial Water Bottle

* Biomaster logo can be printed in Black or Blue 654C, additional print charges will apply if your own logo/design has alternate print colours.