Last year we certainly saw a shift in awareness and excitement for all things plant and seed related – and we were delighted to GROW our range of products in this BLOOMING great category.

We’ve already seen a couple of new additions to the category this month, with a whole bunch more (* I promise that’s the last dodgy link to flowers) due to go online very soon!

So for today I’d like to highlight just a couple:

The Wildflower Seed Bomb┬áis a mini box that’s sure to make a lasting impression. Inside the card box (we’ll print your logo on the top) is a ‘bomb’ of wildflower seeds mixed inside a ball of clay and peat soil.

Or you may like to consider the 4 Pot Cress Kit that includes 4 mini terracotta pots inside a carton that’s been designed to look like an egg box. Plant the seeds in the soil provided and wait for the seeds to sprout – very cool, fun for all … egg & cress sandwich anyone?

Finally, there’s a new addition to a great product line – the popular Sprout Pencils are now available with Spruce Tree seeds, grow on, choose these trees!

4 Pot Kress Kit Wildseed Bomb Sprout Pencils


Wildflower Seed Bomb

4 Pot Cress Kit

Sprout Pencil – Spruce Tree