Marketers must ensure their advertising highlights their brand purpose and what they stand for, experts have advised.

According to Kantar Millward Brown, the likes of Always’ #likeagirl campaign have succeeded because they provide engaging content and make meaningful impressions on the audience at the same time.

The organisation said this would support a brand in the long-term, as there is considerable power in being “meaningfully different.”

Kantar Millward Brown also suggested that ads work better when they engage people creatively, as viewers tend to filter out more explicit messages.

This, it stated, also means brands must restrict the number of key messages they deliver, as people are less likely to retain multiple themes being put across.

“Good storytelling leaves an impression,” Kantar Millward Brown said.

“Stories are a key strategy for engaging consumers with the real-life power of a brand.”

However, Kantar Millward Brown pointed out that many brands are still failing to incorporate a narrative into their advertising.

Furthermore, it said many of those that do still include explicit product or service messages.

Kantar Millward Brown went on to stress that getting the channel right is also key to an ad’s success. 

The group insisted that marketers must go beyond identifying where consumers view content and look for places where they are most receptive.

For instance, it noted that while younger people might typically watch less TV than their older counterparts, they are actually more receptive to TV ads than digital formats.

The advice came after research by Kantar Millward Brown found that just 15 per cent of ads leave a lasting impression on those who see them.

These ads were said to have a “strong emotional message that people can easily take in and remember.”

Daren Poole, Global Brand Director at Kantar Millward Brown, added: “Marketers should move beyond the message and focus on the impression they want the ad and brand to leave behind as a whole. This includes the creative idea, what is said in the ad, the way the story is told and the emotional tone.”

Marketers Need to Deliver Creative That Makes a Lasting Impression and Focus Less on Functional Messages Kantar Millward Brown