Brands in all sorts of industries have again been keen to demonstrate their backing for International Women’s Day.

Procter & Gamble (P&G), for instance, has published online videos demonstrating how both males and females can overcome gender stereotypes.

While the videos do highlight its consumer-facing brands such as Always, P&G’s #WeSeeEqual initiative is a corporate campaign designed to showcase the entire company’s desire to expose and tackle gender bias.

Stefan Felitoza, Marketing Director for northern Europe at P&G, commented: “We are leveraging our insights to uncover gender bias and taking actions to spark conversations that motivate change.

“We believe it is our responsibility to be a good corporate citizen.”

The number of brands getting on board with International Women’s Day this year is a good example of how marketers can use scheduled events and current affairs to showcase their values and ethos, rather than purely their products and services.

This can be effective for organisations that have a track record of basing their marketing around particular themes.

For example, P&G brands such as Fairy and Pantene have focused on the issue of gender equality in previous marketing campaigns in recent years.

This latest initiative, however, is the first time P&G has done so under the name of the parent company.

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