People could increasingly be set to receive targeted marketing content inside their own cars.

According to Scott Burnell of Ford, drivers are increasingly using audio streaming services inside connected vehicles and have access to devices such as smartphones and GPS trackers.

As a result, he believes the technology on hand could enable brands to reach the right people at the right times.

Indeed, Mr Burnell said that with this technology, marketers would have the ability to know that a person is in the car, that a phone is connected to the vehicle and that the phone belongs to the driver.

“You can then pull from ad inventory,” he said.

“Instead of pulling from regular ad inventory, you pull from vehicle-centric ad inventory and send that message then. It doesn’t exist today. It’s what we’re working on for the next section of content delivery.”

Mr Burnell said the advantage of this approach would be delivering a marketing message that is both meaningful to the driver and relevant at that particular time and location.

He went on to suggest that voice-based personal assistants could become a much bigger feature in cars in the future, with drivers simply giving verbal commands to access numerous services while on the move.

“Instead of having to pick up your device and tap something or push something, now you can just say it to your device; you can say it to your home; you can say it to your car,” Mr Burnell commented.

As a result, he believes brands should start considering more audio-based marketing material so they can take advantage of these emerging in-car opportunities in the future.

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