The font used by you and your business says more than you might first think, according to new research.

Researchers took an in depth look into the typefaces we use in our day to day life and discovered that almost three quarters of workers (70 percent) insist HOW we write is as revealing as WHAT we write.

In fact, according to the study by promotional products retailer 4imprint, three in ten (31 percent) of those polled said they make a first impression of someone based on their email font BEFORE they’ve even met them in person.

According to the data, people who use Arial are the most likely to be serious and professional, according to 37 percent of the nation.

People who fire off missives in Times New Roman are likely to be ‘traditional’ (14 percent), while those who opt for Century Gothic are more inclined to be academic and bookish (10 percent).

Pacifico users are adventurous and extroverted (20 percent) while individuals that opt for Rockwell are perceived as ambitious (10 percent).

A spokesperson for 4imprint, which commissioned the research, said: “It’s clear that the font we use can make a lasting impression in the business world.”

The study reveals that 22 percent of people have confessed to feeling embarrassed by a work colleague’s choice of font.

A further four in ten of us have even told a friend or family member to change their email font so they didn’t give the wrong impression.

When it comes to business logos and typography, almost half (48 percent) of those surveyed said that wouldn’t buy a product or service from an organisation that used italics in its marketing or logos.

Four in ten Brits (40 percent) added that ‘less is more effective’ when it comes to typeface styles.

Nearly two thirds (63 percent) of respondents said that they wouldn’t read any form of literature if it was written using the Comic Sans MS font.

*Independent research commissioned by 4imprint and conducted by Ginger Polls.
Almost 2000 people were surveyed in June 2020.