Marketing News: Why video is the perfect platform for marketing in 2021
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Why video is the perfect platform for marketing in 2021
An inevitable outcome of the last 12 months is that the consumption of video content has accelerated. A study published by Cisco predicts that by the end of 2022, it will account for 82% of all internet traffic.

Video content is a central part of how we live, whether we’re streaming a show, researching a solution for complex problem at work or deciding what to buy, when and from which supplier.
Additional research found that 68% of consumers said the pandemic has directly impacted the amount of content people watch online, with the overwhelming majority (96%) saying that their viewing time has grown exponentially as mobile devices make it easier to watch videos almost anywhere and everywhere.

An annual report published by Hubspot in 2020 shows that marketers feel positive about the return on investment from video since it generates web traffic, leads, sales and audience understanding.

Video as a preferred media
According to research by Brightcover 39% of online customers are more likely to research a subject further after watching a good, branded video.

And although videos are often used as an ally at different points in the marketing funnel, whether that’s to create brand awareness or help explain product or services to a prospect, evidence indicates that 62% of marketers are now using videos to increase sales directly. According to the research, as many as 70% of B2B buyers perform research on a brand or company through their product videos.

If you’re considering video marketing for your organisation, it’s worth remembering that your videos need to be engaging – viewers should feel entertained and / or informed.

Going live
Some brands have taken video marketing to the next level by using live streaming platforms to promote live shows, events or new ranges.

Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram live have become very popular as viewers can get real insight into the people behind certain brands as well as exclusive access to certain parts of the event such as ‘behind the scenes footage.

Social amplification
Over the past few years, video content has grown exponentially on social media platforms because it’s shared much more frequently than text or simple images.

Online publishers have improved their functionality to offer higher quality video streaming and interactive features to appeal to advertisers. For example, tweets with video see 10x more engagement than those without, promoted tweets with video save more than 50% on cost-per-engagement and videos generate more engagement than any other content type on Instagram.

What kind of video work well?
Research indicates that 70% of marketers are expecting budgets to increase for video marketing and live streaming. If you’re looking to use video marketing for your organisation, Twitter’s trends and insights team has the following recommendations for videos that work well in Twitter ads:

  • Keep them mobile friendly, 93% of video views are on a mobile
  • Have a call to action so that viewers can click through to your website
  • Keep your tweets or copy short to increase brand and message recall

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