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Charities have become increasingly adept at getting their message across by posting videos on the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And now professional networking site LinkedIn has launched its own video feature, which makes us wonder if this could open up a new marketing opportunity for third sector groups.

LinkedIn is mainly used by people to forge new industry connections or find job opportunities, which on the face of it, might not fit with what charities are trying to achieve. Yet if the platform is used effectively it could help reach other important targets.

Think strategically
The target audience on LinkedIn will be very different to that on other platforms such as Facebook, so this needs to be considered before videos are added to the site if they are to hit the intended mark. As Kirsty Marrins, a digital communications consultant, points out, what might work on one social network might not translate that well to LinkedIn. ‘As with all social media content, charities will need a clear strategy for how they will use video on LinkedIn. For those on LinkedIn who have had early access to this new feature, they are reporting an increase of 20 times in engagement so it could be a very powerful feature for charities, if used strategically.’

Build corporate links
Charities often get their message out there by entering into a commercial partnership with businesses, such as retailers. A video on LinkedIn could therefore offer third sector bodies a chance to engage with employees of certain companies that might be good fits for a potential partnership. Alternatively, the platform could be a great platform for videos that showcase the impact of existing or past corporate partnerships.

Use videos to recruit new talent
Many organisations use LinkedIn to identify potential recruits and search the market for the talent that already exists. Charities could do the same and use videos as part of an effort to attract the attention of prospective hires.

Learn from video analytics
Most social networks offer free, clear and useful analytics data. LinkedIn is no exception, as users will be able to learn key insights such as the job titles of people watching their videos, where they work and where they are based. This information could prove invaluable for future campaigns.

By knowing who is watching your videos, you can identify what is (and isn’t!) hitting the mark and you’ll be in a stronger position to decide what other marketing approaches might work best. For instance, could you best reach your target audience by inviting them to an event, trying to arrange a meeting or by sending promotional literature and branded merchandise such as a pen, keyring or notebook.

More than 500 million people are registered on LinkedIn across the globe – 23 million of whom are based in the UK. This means there is tremendous potential to engage with professionals and key decision-makers at firms that you want to work with – and video could be a great way to make this happen.

Indeed, a study by Deloitte recently indicated that 58% of smartphone owners watch at least one type of video content on their handsets every week, compared with just 18% in 2012.

Short videos, live posts and stories were found to be especially popular with smartphone users, with 17% watching these every day. This suggests that video is a marketing method that people are receptive to and actively seeking out – which could make it a winner for charities looking to forge stronger connections.

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