Starting a new job can be very stressful, but your first day can also be humiliating if something doesn’t go to plan.

According to a study by promotional products retailer 4imprint, almost half of workers have had a terrible first day at a new job.

That’s a worry, given that so many of us are keen to make a good impression on our colleagues, bosses and customers straight away.

But why exactly do first impressions matter so much to people? What steps are they taking to convey the best possible impression immediately?

And could employers take steps to make it easier for new hires to manage first impressions, such as giving them branded workwear?

For more information on the subject, download the new infographic from 4imprint – First Impressions Matter.

Find out what disasters have befallen workers on their first day, what they think will help them make a good first impression and how people believe a uniform could make those early days in a new job much easier!