Many brands are seeing success with their recent email marketing campaigns, a new report has revealed.

According to email marketing software provider, average open rates have remained at about 25 per cent in the last year.

However, significant improvements were identified with other metrics. For instance, click-to-open rates have gone up from 10.88 per cent to 11.88 per cent.

Similarly, click-through rates went up from 3.42 per cent to 4.19 per cent, while 19 of the 29 sectors being examined saw increases in click-through rates.

The research also identified which sectors are seeing the highest open rates. The government performed best, with an open rate of 45 per cent. This was followed by legal and accounting at 36 per cent.

Tony Kent, Marketing Manager at, has described the findings as “encouraging.”

“Key performance metrics like click-through and clicks-to-opens continue to show an increase in engagement with email marketing,” he observed.

“The use of mobile responsive email design and an increase in profiling and personalisation techniques are key drivers of this, allowing marketers to better target their campaigns to the needs of their audience.”

Email marketing reaching record highs in click-through rates